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Watching GOSICK

Victorique face when she get Raspberry sandwich :D

Victorique eat cookies .

I Love Just The Way I am :)


Yesterday play dota with my baby.. He ask me to find him.. Then I found this !My answer is "Yes, I do baby".  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY !

I Love Just The Way I am :)

My baby !

My baby :)
Name: Akira Sora *meaning of his name is intelligent sky
Age: same age with me, born on 1995
A little bit about him: A cute person. Love to eat chocolate and drink fresh milk. Love to chew ice cubes. Love Japanese Cute Style. Love to poke my nose and head. Love to bully me. Love to play Dota 1 and Dota 2 (His hobby). Love to listen to piano and violin intrumental music... Taller than me and always called me short... A smart and intelligent person. 

I Love Just The Way I am :)

Best Day Ever !

I'm having an amazing time with my baby. I waited for him at playground. Then we go have our breakfast p/s lunch . Then both of us decide to go city square. Arrive at city square we both find a saloon for my baby to make his new hairstyle. Guess what? He do Noctis from final fantasy hairstyle. I'm stunned O.O ...... Speechless.. He is totally different ... More cute ... Smarter than before .... I was like Oh My Gosh ! I keep starring him... One thing I were thinking about ... "what if other girls flirt him?" "please dont leave me baby"... While he do his hair at hair saloon , I went to chameleon to buy him a new ring which already crack before.. then I watch hair stylish do his hair.. about 2 and half hour... After that we looking a long pants for him.. finally found one.. then he buy me a cute light green sweater within 40 ringgit... Then he asked me to wear it.. He said i were so cute... Like a little kids... Thanks for the cute sweater baby ! I love it so much ! Then we buy Takoyaki ! Our favorite food ! Actually I'm the one who introduced Takoyaki to him... Then he started like to eat Takoyaki .. Then we buy The Tarik Blog ! It's sounds delicious and taste delicious too ! Then we eat inside bus together.. We talk about funny things and laugh ... Seriously he make me laugh today ! Arrived at taman perling we went to BB LALA for dinner.. We order same food and dishes that we usually order before this... Sup Sayur , Sayur Khailan , Telur Bungkus and Nasi Putih . After have our dinner , he send me back home ... That time were raining... He borrowed an umbrealla from his friend named Cerm.. Then we walk in rain with a pair of umbrella.. He keep playing my hair buns ! Like little kids ! He bully me :( hahaha... so funny he said .. my hair buns look like a car steering ... ahahah then i laugh gg ... seriously baby , I have a great and an amazing day with you today ! Aishiteru Baby :)

I Love Just The Way I am :)

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